Life is a constant struggle to balance between the expenses and the income. The advent of the dot com world has made it possible for people to adopt new ways and practices to earn money that can supplement their incomes. There are many ways you can earn money through the internet, either by selling new products or even by selling mint condition, used products. There are many platforms selling clothes online, a majority of them are authentic, but there are a few that might be a bit shady. The numerous online clothing business opportunities have made it possible for anyone with a computer, an internet connection, and a creative idea to become a seller.


People tend to resell their clothes when they are clearing their closets. It is advisable to clean out closets on a regular basis so that you do not end up spending thousands of dollars in keeping up with the latest fashion. You can always sell your old clothes for new ones. This way you always end up in a win-win situation. When you put up your clothes for selling online, always make sure that they are dry cleaned and ironed crisp. This makes the clothes appear perfect and helps in convincing people to make the purchase without any hesitation. The camera lighting and the photographs should complement the clothing items to make them look desirable. Below are some of the best websites that you can look into when you are planning to sell your old clothes.

  • ThredUp: This site is one of the biggest platforms where you can buy and sell your clothes. You simply have to pack your clothes neatly and send it. You can either by an exchange product or get paid.
  • PoshMark: This is another website that you can trust to make money online by selling your clothes.
  • Refashioner
  • Vuante


There are many websites that offer fabulous clothes designing opportunities, and this is why people opt for such websites. You can showcase your products on eBay. You can also make a Face Book page and promote your products through social media platforms. It is important that the clothes that you are selling should be picture perfect with all the relevant details so that the customers are convinced to make the purchase. This will enhance your image and product standing. Other websites that you can opt for when promoting your products are:

  • Asos Marketplace
  • Shophers
  • eBay
  • Instagram
  • Etsy
  • Amazon