Prospective clients can only buy what they see or at least hear about on the grapevine amongst their peers. As such, your online presentations need to be captivating with elements that provoke conversation.

Smart design choices for your online store in conjunction with visually impactful and provocative imagery from a great platform are sure to keep a potential customer lingering on your site longer. This increases the chances of identifying an item of interest and making a purchase.

Outlined below are some tips on how to enhance your online clothing store

1. Use large professional photography

The use of clear and large high-resolution pictures that capture the aesthetics of a dress or the complete outfit says more than a thousand words. The photos have the potential to entice prospective clients to venture further into your site.

2. Keep the homepage clear and precise

It has been found that a well-constructed home page can increase conversion by 70%. Therefore, it is vital to have the right visual cues and navigation on the homepage that can influence a buying decision.

This can be achieved by means of having a clean and simple homepage with a carousel-style navigation and image mapping to collate latest offers. The carousel will take the shopper to either the look book or the new seasonal range by offering only two landing pages to funnel the shopper to the buying areas of the site. If you do decide to have a call to action, it should be clear and concise.

It is important to note that busy sites discourage buyers. It works better for the shopper if the design is simple and precise with enticing large pictures communicating designs and offers

3. Stories sell; tell a story with look books

Telling a story goes beyond selling the clothes. It, however, promotes the brand through personal touches. Look books are a perfect way of telling stories and strategically up-selling products with a unified theme.

You can consider having a consistent lay out for all your look books. This can be achieved by using large, tiled images, and scanty text so as not to distract from the clothing item. By providing multiple links next to the models, one click can take people straight to your products.

4. Utilize social media and chat

It expected that in the foreseeable future, the price would have been surpassed by customer experience as the key brand differentiator. This is most true in the fashion industry where retailers who can achieve high levels of customer service have more satisfied and loyal customers. A sure and efficient manner to achieve this is by building impeccable trust through quick and successful customer interaction.

Using the Social Media platforms and chat to communicate real time with your clientele is an excellent way to build trust with your customers.

Most successful fashion retailers like Seasalt have integrated third party system live chat and are now capable of almost instant replies to customers. This not only speeds up the customer's journey by saving time but builds trust in the process. Social media platforms can also be used in very much the same way.


With the level of competition in an already crowded market place, the above points are the most practical and actionable ways to ensure that your online store has a strong online presence. They also help give your pages a simple layout that is navigable and appealing to customers and prospects. When customers like your site, service, and product, word gets around real quick, and that's what you want.

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